Capacity Building

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IRPA conducts research and provides technical assistance on a wide range of governance and public policy issues facing both national and county governments and their institutions all over Kenya. We develop and implement strategies that will increase the capacity of institutional and individual capacity of the abovementioned bodies so that they can better serve the public.

Our two-pronged approach focuses on knowledge management coupled with advisory work and technical assistance.

IRPA generates and collects knowledge through supporting relevant research and studies on capacity building. This data collected is shared with various stakeholders in order to assist them in address their various challenges. We promote knowledge sharing between counties and various governmental institutions, as well as inter-county cooperation in capacity building.

Since its inception, IRPA has built an all-encompassing framework for a holistic approach to capacity building for good governance and proper public policy enforcement in Kenya. We have built partnerships with the national government, various county governments, their institutions and organs, the private sector, civil society, and other development partners. IRPA provides a setting where various individuals and organizations can articulate pertinent issues, share knowledge, mobilize resources, and generate ideas and best practices related to capacity building.