Why choose the IRPA?

The IRPA offers numerous reasons as to why it should be your premier choice when seeking consultancy services on matters of governance and public policy because:

1. We are a consortium of experienced consultants with a wide range of expertise in Devolved Government, Human Rights, Democracy, Review of Legislation and the Rule of Law.

2. Our consultants have undertaken extensive work in the past in this field and understand the local and regional context.

3. We have knowledge of the how government agencies work in addition to including crucial links with critical government agencies

4. We have a national and regional reach with the capability to impact all these regions.

5. Our consultants have the requisite competence to encourage societal transformation by promoting good governance and peaceful co-existence amongst the different communities of Kenya.

6. We have the ability to create the necessary linkages with other consultancy firms with whom we share the same objectives of promoting good governance and public policy that benefits all concerned parties.

7. Our firm has a broad understanding of collecting, collating, and sharing relevant information to ensure the highest quality services are offered to all our clients.

The IRPA conducts research and training in all areas of governance and public policy, and in particular:

  1. Review and Drafting of Legislation
  2. Legislative Strengthening
  3. Devolution
  4. Financial Management
  5. Human Rights
  6. Civic Education
  7. Public and Private Institutional Capacity Building
  8. Public Policy Development
  9. Democracy
  10. Peace Building
  11. Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution
  12. Advocacy
  13. Community Mobilization
  14. Rule of Law
  15. Judicial Strengthening