Legislative Strengthening

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In various capacities, IRPA is providing legislative strengthening services to the National Assembly, Senate and a number of County Assemblies to improve their capacity and performance through increasing the skillset vested in their members and staff in realizing lawmaking, representative and oversight functions. Our objective as IRPA is to ensure that through deliberative processes, these legislative bodies are more democratic, accountable, transparent and aware of the public interest at large. This approach seeks to ensure that the end result sees a better monitoring of governmental performance.

IRPA's core team and external consultants have been involved assessing parliamentary functions and recommending strategies to improve their performance; conducting assessments of legislative programmes; and providing technical assistance in the drafting, reviewing and amendment of laws. Additionally, with the strong partnership with our sister organization, MANCO advocates, we have provided our expert advice through granting clarity on the roles and responsibilities of legislative bodies in relation to the other branches of government; improving the links between legislators and their constituents; and introducing innovative legislative processes.