Our achievements so far

In our short existence, we have been able to carry out activities that have been instrumental in the current government structure. These activities are and will be instrumental in the success of the devolved system of government as they help the specific counties in determining their expenditure and thus essential in their well-being and growth.

Devolution Related Activities Completed (Since 2013 Elections), Underway, or Planned

Activity or Project Title Client Start and End Date Brief Description of The Activity
County Government Legal Services County Government of Kakamega March 2013 to May 2014 (Ongoing) 1. Legal Opinion on the transfer of staff from the former local authorities under the new county government structures.
2. Review and Advice on the Kakamega County Alcoholic Bill, 2013
3. Review and Advice on the Kakamega County Finance Act, 2014
4. Drafting, Reviewing and Advising on legislation to regulate villages and other decentralized units in Kakamega County
5. Legal Representation in the High Court of Kenya at Kakamega on challenges to the Finance Act, 2014.
6. Audit of Land and Delineation of Boundaries of Kakamega County
7. Commercial contracts, joint venture agreements and other legal documents between the county government and other parties.
8. Legal Representation in the High Court with regard to the defamation of county government officers
9. Collection of overdue rates in the form of debts owed to the County Government from residents
Induction Program for Governors and Deputy Governors Transition Authority April 2013 1. IRPA developed a Memorandum on the 'Various Legal Provisions Affecting the Executive in the Devolved Units of Government' availed to all Governors and their Deputies.
2. Our Lead Consultant undertook discussions with senior national government officials, County Governors and Deputy County Governors on the transitive period, the journey to devolved governance, the legal framework of devolution, and the implementation of the Constitutional provisions dealing with devolution.
Devolved Government Training Kenya Transition Initiative April 2013 to May 2013 1. IRPA provided KTI staff with a foundation of knowledge on what devolution means for Kenya.
2. The content included comparative studies, devolution as a feature of the Constitution, the concept of transition to devolved governance, the structure of a two-tiered government, the unbundling of functions and intergovernmental relations.
Quick Readiness Assessment of Capacity for the Transfer of Functions to County Governments Transition Authority (Kenya) May 2013 to August 2013 1. IRPA undertook, on behalf of the Transition Authority (TA), a Quick Readiness Assessment (QRA) of county capacity prior to their receiving functions, powers and responsibilities under the new Constitution. This QRA involved the involvement of 5 IRPA consultants, namely Kennedy Nyaundi (lead), Geoffrey Ayuka, Fred Konosi, Mercy Wambua and Shalom Ndiku.
2. IRPA assisted the TA in developing two tools for the exercise:
(1) A Self-Assessment Tool which assessed each function allocated to the counties in the Constitution and whether they were ready to be transferred.
(2) A County Capacity Development Plan which built on Tools, findings and observations and determined what issues, challenges, causes, remedies and the way forward for counties in improving their capacity.
3. The tools were thereafter utilized in the counties mentioned below to conduct the QRA for 3 or 4 days per county in a process involving the County Executive, Legislatures and other vital technical staff in all departments.
4. IRPA oversaw the QRA in 15 of Kenya's 47 counties, namely Wajir, Machakos, Kericho, Kisii, Migori, Kajiado, Laikipia, Narok, Homa Bay, Siaya, Busia, Kisumu, Nyamira, Bomet and Nairobi.
Induction for County Executive Committee and County Public Service Board County Government of Kakamega June 2013 1. This activity primarily involved the IRPA conducting training to the County Executive and County Public Service Board in the Kakamega County Government to boost their understanding and articulation of principles underlying devolution in the Constitution and all relevant legislation.
2. Its objectives were to establish harmony within the working place through creating synergy in the implementation of devolution; establish competencies within the county; and build the capacity of the county on the changed service delivery models.
3. Courses conducted by IRPA covered the following subject material: transition to devolved governance, leadership and integrity, the structure of national and county governments, the functions, powers and responsibilities of national and county governments, the separation of powers, public participation and the role of citizens in holding the county accountable, budget literacy, Public Finance Management and intergovernmental relations.
County Government Legal Services County Government of Nakuru April 2014 (pending) 1. Legislative Review and Drafting on County Public Service Board Bill
2. Legislative Review and Drafting on Villages and Decentralized Units Bill
3. Legislative Review and Drafting on County Enforcement Bill